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Greek T-Shirt - "Greek Generation" - Blue - 1 pc

Brand: GreekInternetMarket

100% Cotton T-shirts. Screen printed art work with water-based inks.

About The Artist - Alexandros Hatzigiannidis:

As long as I can remember I was creating works of art. Born 1st generation Greek I quickly fell in love with the overwhelming amount of creativity my culture produced. As a very young child I took a particular liking to the visual arts as my uncles and cousins were talented artists themselves and I aspired to be as actively creative as them.

Then one day I was struck with the Image of Greece reflected on itself. I can't say exactly why the image popped in to my head but I can tell you It changed the course of my life. Today I print this image everywhere. It has such a profound impact on the imagination; its captivating, symbolic and beautiful.

All t-shirts are screen printed with water based inks by hand in my home. I create the art and produce the final product.

My one purpose is to spark the imagination and allow you to take creativity to what ever level you choose. This is what this image means to me. As for you; it may take on a whole new meaning, that's for you to decide.
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