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When To Travel To Greece

Conditions are perfect between Easter and mid-June for travel to Greece. Beaches and ancient Greek sites are relatively uncrowded, public transportation operates on close to full schedules and accommodations are cheaper and easier to find than in the mid-June to end of August high season. Conditions are once more ideal from the end of August until mid-October as the Greece tourism season winds down. Winter travel to Greece from the middle of October through the beginning of April used to be undesirable, but this is slowly changing because on the most touristy Greek islands some restaurants, hotels and bars remain open year-round and the ski resorts on the Greece mainland do thriving business.

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Facts About Greece

Full Name
Hellenic Republic

Capital City

131,940 sq km or 50,942 sq miles Population

Time Zone
GMT/UTC +2 ()

Daylight Saving Start
Last Sunday in March

Daylight Saving End
Last Sunday in October

Greek (official)

Modern (demotic) Greek is the official language of the State. It derives from Ancient Greek yet it has a much simplified grammar. It has absorbed many words from its linguistic and cultural neighbours. Modern Greek differs substantially from the purist 'Katharevousa', or cleansing Greek, an artificially contrived variant which is closer to Ancient Greek that was used at varying times in recent Greek history. While Katharevousa is no longer used in everyday speech it still evident on street signs and can cause occasional confusion for the tourist.

98% Greek Orthodox, 1.3% Muslim, 0.7% other

Euro (€)

220V 50 HzHz

Electric Plug Details
European plug with two circular metal pins

Country Dialing Code