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Lipsi's Daughter

Patty Apostolides' Bio:

I have a B.A. degree in Biology from Case Western Reserve University and a medical assistant certificate. I also did graduate coursework in psychology and health services administration.

I was employed at the Cleveland Clinic for over ten years as a Research Technologist, co-authoring several medical articles in cancer research. I also worked as a data manager at the Bone Marrow Transplant Center at Children's Hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio.

A published poet, I have published poems in several poetry journals and online. One of my poems has received an Editor's Choice Award. Also an accomplished musician, I have played the viola in the Cleveland Women's Orchestra, the Cleveland Philharmonic Orchestra, and the Fairfield Symphony Orchestra.

My Greek interests: I was co-founder and president of the Hellenic Student Association at Case Western Reserve University. I have been a choir member in church, as well as Daughters of Penelope and Ladies of Philoptochos member for several years. I ran the weekly community Greek radio program while a student at CWRU.

Writing always came naturally to me. As a biology college student I literally filled reams of paper with class notes.while others sat and watched the professor. I was the scientist, who filled books and books with experimental methods and data, and spent many hours writing scientific articles and grant proposals. I was the poet who scribbled down poems on paper napkins after an event, trying to keep the memory fresh, then went home and wrote it down on paper.

Also, I admit I was a daydreamer when I was a child, making up stories in my head, and as an adult, what better way to express one's dreams but on paper.

In addition, I did a lot of problem solving during my life, particularly during the years I worked as a scientist. It came in handy when writing a novel, because I made up these problems for my characters as I went along, and then I had to find the solutions by the end of the novel.

Four years ago, my husband and I were visiting Barnes & Noble, where we like to sit and have a cup of coffee and read the literature there. This time, instead of heading for the gardening and cooking magazines, I found myself choosing literature on writing and publishing. Something was spurring me to read as much as I could on these topics. Maybe it was because around that time, our son, Antonaki, entered our lives and I became a stay -at - home mother and had more time on my hands. In April of 2001, after reading loads of literature about writing, I finally sat down to write. I steadily wrote for 3-4 hours a day, during my son's naps and sometimes in the evenings and weekends.

As I wrote, I realized there were a lot of questions in my mind. First, I needed to decide the genre. I felt that the love in my marriage was a great inspiration for a romance story. So the decision came naturally, it would be a romance novel.

I then read books about writing romance novels, and in the process - found out that romantic fiction comprises over 50% of the book market today. That's a strong indication that Love is IMPORTANT in our lives. In addition, I also read somewhere that we should write about what we know.

Having been born in Greece, and having grown up in a suburb of Cleveland, I couldn't help but write about Greek life in Greece and in the United States. We were immersed in the Greek life, and looking back, I realize what a gift my parents had given us. My parents shared their Greek heritage with us the best way they knew. Their principles, and ethics, and religious beliefs were grounded in us, and I tried to incorporate all these cultural factors into the novel.

Choosing the setting of the novel took some thought. There are several reasons why I included Lipsi Island. First, it holds a special place in my heart because it is my parent's birthplace. When the war of Independence broke out in the 1820s, Lipsi became an important refuge for people escaping the Turks. My father's ancestors were some of those people, moving to Lipsi from the island of Crete. In addition, my grandfather, Manolis Koumoundouros, became the mayor of the island in the early 1900s.

Second, I wanted to write about purity and innocence of youth, about faith and religion, and somehow I could not see it happening in today's world, in the USA. This island's tranquil, religious setting was a perfect backdrop to the story, and a perfect environment for Ipatia's character.

Lipsi is located near Patmos in the Aegean Sea. Patmos is the island where St. John the Theologian was exiled between 95 and 97 A.D. and wrote the Book of Revelation. A monastery was built in honor of the apostle, and for over 500 years, the monastery of Patmos owned land on Lipsi island, sending its monks over to use the land. The religious influence is evident to this day, with over 40 churches existing on the island.

I have visited Lipsi island several times, and found the people there very hospitable, and joyous, and all claimed to be related to me in some way shape or form!

As Lipsi's Daughter was being written, I began dreaming that one day this could really turn into a book. Wouldn't it be nice to share my Greek background, its culture, its religion in a way that all ages could read and learn from it, Greek and Non-Greek? I was motivated to finish, and a year and a half later, I had accomplished just that.

This story is about how love can be so strong, it transcends the boundaries of time and distance, of material wealth, and even of pain. Lipsi's Daughter allows one to escape into another world and return, feeling refreshed and with good feelings, and also reveals a spiritual world, where prayers are heard and miracles do happen.

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