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Lipsi's Daughter

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Lipsi's Daughter
Patty Apostolides
Contemporary romance
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ISBN: 1-932673-00-8
November 2003

WOW! That is the only word I can think of to describe this novel. The story of Ipatia Kouris and Tony Plakis is the most innocent, fascinating story I have ever read. The love that transpires between these two young people is wonderfully put on paper. I enjoyed watching the shyness of Ipatia bewilder and impress Tony many times during the beginning of th isstory.

Ipatia was from the "old" Greek tradition and Tony was from a "modernized" Greek heritage. He is very confused at a lot of the things that Ipatia does and yet very impressed. Some of the things that Ipatia does will make you laugh. If Patty Apostolides did not tell you that this story was from the nineteen nineties you would never believe it.

It is amazing how the Greek Heritage has not changed with the times. All the women are so innocent and shy. Ipatia was no different. She still does not change even after coming to America and attending college.

A terrible car accident separates the lovers for two years before they find each other again. Ipatia feels that Tony abandoned her after the accident and Tony gets amnesia and doesn't remember her or anything else about his past. Ipatia moves to America with her Aunt to go to college and move on with her life.

Tony recovers and after two years of therapy he decides to go out on his own. After going through some things he is jarred with the memory of Ipatia.

Watching these two lovers and their different cultures come together is wonderful and frustrating at the same time. Sometimes you just want to scream at them both because they read each other's signals wrong.

It took me a long time to get through this book but I am so glad I did. I really enjoyed everything about it and I have every intention of reading it again.

Overall rating: 4 Hearts
Sensuality rating: Mildly sensual

Reviewer: Traci Amor
January 29, 2004

LIPSI'S DAUGHTER By Patty Apostolides

A wonderful Cinderella tale, told Grecian-style...

Young Ipatia Kouris has lived with her grandfather since her parents' death. He raised her in the traditional Greek style, intending that she marry and have children. But Ipatia wants to further her education and have a career before she makes the ultimate commitment and settles down. When a chance circumstance brings Tony Plakis into her life, his dark good looks and friendly charm sway her thoughts for the first time toward romance - that is, until she learns he is already engaged.

Tony Plakis earned a professor's degree, preferring to work in a field different from that of his wealthy shipping magnet father - a father ignored him most of his life. But the elderly Plakis has other plans for his only son: Tony is to marry a wealthy heiress and take over the family business. His father's desires weigh heavily on Tony's mind as his father's ship visits the Dodecanese island of Lipsi. During a stroll on the island, Tony rescues Ipatia, a beautiful young woman whose innocence and traditional ways he finds refreshing. She is a complete change from the usual females he meets; those who desire him only for his wealth. After they part, Ipatia's shy smile and easy laughter continue to invade his mind.

Tony learns that Ipatia is to travel to Piraeus -- the location of her future college and his father's business offices. When Tony's father becomes ill, out of family duty, Tony takes over the shipping business. Then Tony's engagement dissolves and he resolves to sway Ipatia's thoughts away from education and into his arms.

Tony convinces Ipatia to work in the office to translate documents into English until her classes start. She is thrilled to work in Tony's office. After all, it affords her the opportunity to see him daily. Her only other male acquaintance is Michael Hatzis, a doctor who treated her swollen ankle and who, learning of her interest in the field of medicine, lets her borrow his medical journals. Michael admires the young woman, but it's obvious to him that Ipatia is in love with his best friend, Tony. When Tony learns that Ipatia has become friends with Michael, he cautiously withdraws his attention, confusing Ipatia. More obstacles stand in their path until one day, Tony convinces her to go on a picnic. During a drive to the mountaintop, they have a car accident.

Ipatia recovers from her broken ribs and, wondering why she hasn't heard from Tony, visits his office, only to be told that Tony is on Crete. Discouraged and confused over his lack of attention, she departs, certain that Tony was only toying with her affections.

Unknown to her is that the accident left Tony comatose for months. When he finally awakens, Tony has no memory of his past - let alone of Ipatia.

Ipatia flies to Chicago to join her aunt, who has recently married and is expecting a baby. There, Ipatia starts a new life, one involving education at an American college. There she meets other men, and ignores them. Her thoughts remain on the love she lost.

Will Tony ever regain his memory of the beautiful young woman who touched his heart? Will the miles that separate Ipatia from her home - and her one true love - prevent a happy ending? You'll have to read the book to find out.

Patty Apostolides is a fresh new author whose first romance novel is enchanting and wonderful. Lipsi's Daughter is filled with a sprinkling of music, a dash of love poems, and a hearty scoop of tender moments that tug at your heart. Her vivid descriptions will have you feeling as though you're in Greece, savoring the scenery, the people and, most of all, a story of love that will leave you longing for more. Five out of five stars!

Reviewed by Linda Morelli
Author of FIERY SURRENDER and the award-winning SHADOW OF DOUBT

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