Greek Cookbook - 'Greece - The Cookbook' - (Hardcover) - 1 Book

Greek Cookbook - 'Greece - The Cookbook' - (Hardcover) - 1 Book

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'Greece - The Cookbook' is the first authoritative and all-encompassing Greek recipe book in English. Doing for Greek cuisine what the hugely successful "Silver Spoon" did for Italian, it contains more than 700 fully updated, straightforward and mouthwatering recipes. Aimed at all lovers of Mediterranean food, the book will appeal to anyone who loves to cook easy, tempting and delicious dishes, from simple but stunning salads and mezedes in summer, to slowly simmered meat dishes and crisp filo pastries in winter. As well as presenting definitive recipes for taverna favourites such as moussaka, tzatziki and hummus, the book documents the extraordinary variety of local sweets and pastries, delicious home-baked breads and cheeses of the mountainous interior, as well as the fish and vegetable dishes of coastal areas, simply fragranced with lemons and herbs. Like Italian cuisine, Greek cooking is incredibly simple and delicious, and is based on the natural qualities of good olive oil, fruit and vegetables, grains and seafood. And more than almost any other cuisine, modern Greek food contains many traces of its remarkable history, with its origins as far back as Homer and the 'wine-dark' Aegean Sea of the Iliad. The health benefits of the traditional Greek diet are well documented, and the extensive Greek repertoire of vegetable dishes is well represented, with more than 300 dishes that do not contain meat or fish. There is a comprehensive introduction on local ingredients and wines, the history of Greek cooking and the culinary characteristics of each region, as well as recipes for traditional and religious dishes. Vefa Alexiadou is the leading culinary authority in Greece today and is the author of many bestselling cookbooks. "Greece - The Cookbook" will quickly become a must-have for all home cooks and lovers of Mediterranean food.


mozS | Syracuse, Indiana | 11/21/2015

5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5 Just fun to read!

Bought this book on a whim (I just like cookbooks)not realizing that it was such a large comprehensive cookbook. The author first describes 12 geographic regions of Greece and the foods and cuisines found in them. Most of the 21 sections {Soups, Salads, Vegetables, Legumes (Pulses) and Rice, Pasta, Fish, Shellfish (Seafood), Poultry, Pork, Beef, Veal, and Ground (Minced) Meat, Lamb, Game, Pies, Bread, Cookies (Biscuits), Cakes, Syrup Pastries, Candies (Sweets) and Preserves, Menus from Celebrated Greek Chefs} begin with several paragraphs of introduction followed by General instructions for that section. The photographs are well done, and while I would like one for every recipe, the instructions in the recipes make most things (of the ones I have perused) clear. Besides being clearly written and easy to read, there is also three "bible" style ribbon book-marks that I find helpful. 'Joy of Cooking' has been and probably always will be my go to authority in the kitchen but 'Vefa's Kitchen' promises to add some variety and fun.

Jane Sevastos | North Royalton, OH | 10/15/2015

5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5 Order

Very happy w/my merchandise and with the expediency of receiving the order. Thank you. PS so glad I found the Greek candies.

Agnes Ann Bouwense | Portland, OR | 1/18/2011

3 out of 53 out of 53 out of 53 out of 53 out of 5 Vefa's Kitchen made easier to navigate

This is an amazing cookbook! However, because all the recipes are English titled and reference, finding a recipe using the Greek is impossible. It would be wonderful if you could use both English and Greek as means of finding recipes. My son, for whom I purchased this book, worked in a Greek restaurant in Phoenix, AZ. He was very excited when he received the book, but when he was unable to use the index to find the Greek recipes he knew, he was disappointed. Through indepth searching and lots of time spent, he was able to find similar recipes. An example of this is recipes for spanikopita. The closest thing he found was spinach, cheese pie, not really the same, but similar enough that we were able to use it with modifications.