Olive Wood Worry Beads - 1 pc.

Olive Wood Worry Beads - 1 pc.

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Worry Beads Made in Greece.

Authentic handmade Greek worry beads or komboloi of high quality silver 925 metal decorative parts and stylish olive wood beads, large size. Olive wood is famous for its quality and density. Worry beads or komboloi that are handcrafted from olive wood can last a very long time. Wooden beads produce a very unique and "warm" sound when played and a "rich" smooth feeling when touched. This stylish worry beads or komboloi is made of authentic olive wood barrel shape 0.55" x 0.74" (14 x 19mm) beads with 925 silver metal decorative parts on a pure silk cord & rich silk tassel.

Additional Information:
Olive wood is a very rare, strong and heavy type of wood. It is recognized for its beautiful grain and natural patterning and also its distinctive odor that adds to its overall character.

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