Greek Pasta, Orzo, Semolina, and Chilopites

    Orzo - (Risoni Large) - Misko - 1 lb bag

    $4.75 USD

    A tiny pasta shape that resembles large grains of rice. Great with chicken and lamb.See our Greek Lamb With Orzo Pasta Recipe for instructions on how to use this delicious...

    Macaroni No 2 - Misko - 17 oz bag

    $4.50 USD

    This pasta is a cylidrical, long pasta that is primarily used for making the traditional Greek dish pastichio. Misko pasta is imported from Greece. Ingredients 100% Durum Wheat Semolina. Nutrition...

    Chilopites - Vlaha - 500 gr bag

    $8.65 USD

    Horiatikes Chilopites. Traditional homemade chilopites made from cut noodles with eggs and milk. Excellent for soups or a side dish with lamb or any other Greek recipe you may have...

    Trahana Sour - Vlaha - 500 gr bag

    $7.25 USD

    Trahana Sour is excellent for soup. Ingredients Durum Wheat Semonlina, Yoghurt (370g per kilo of Semolina), Milk Butter (28g per kilo of Semolina, Salt 2% max.

    Trahana Sweet - Vlaha - 500 gr bag

    $7.25 USD

    Trahana sweet (Glykos) is excellent to make soup.

    Peponaki - (Little Melon Shaped Pasta) - Misko - 1 lb bag

    $5.40 USD

    A tiny pasta shape that resembles little melons. Great with chicken and lamb. Nutrition Facts Serving Size � � Bundle (59g) Servings Per Cont. Approx. 8 Calories � 200 Total...

    Couscous - (Couscousaki) - Misko - 1 lb bag

    $3.95 USD

    Couscous is a coarsely ground semolina pasta. The grain is a staple in many European countries. Over the last decade, it's cropped up on American menus and dinner tables. Ingredients...

    Macaroni No 5 - Misko - 17 oz bag

    $4.60 USD

    Misko pasta #5 is prepared for making the traditional Greek "makaronada," or Greek pasta dish that calls for a hearty meat sauce. Misko is made from fine Greek wheat that...

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