Greek Pasta, Orzo, Semolina, and Chilopites

    Macaroni No 2 - Misko - 17 oz bag

    $3.95 USD

    This pasta is a cylidrical, long pasta that is primarily used for making the traditional Greek dish pastichio. Misko pasta is imported from Greece. Ingredients 100% Durum Wheat Semolina. Nutrition...

    Orzo - (Risoni Large) - Misko - 1 lb bag

    $4.30 USD

    A tiny pasta shape that resembles large grains of rice. Great with chicken and lamb.See our Greek Lamb With Orzo Pasta Recipe for instructions on how to use this delicious...

    Chilopites - Vlaha - 500 gr bag

    $3.60 USD

    Horiatikes Chilopites. Traditional homemade chilopites made from cut noodles with eggs and milk. Excellent for soups or a side dish with lamb or any other Greek recipe you may have...

    Trahana Sour - Vlaha - 500 gr bag

    $7.20 USD

    Trahana Sour is excellent for soup. Ingredients Durum Wheat Semonlina, Yoghurt (370g per kilo of Semolina), Milk Butter (28g per kilo of Semolina, Salt 2% max.

    Trahana Sweet - Vlaha - 500 gr bag

    $7.20 USD

    Trahana sweet (Glykos) is excellent to make soup.

    Peponaki - (Little Melon Shaped Pasta) - Misko - 1 lb bag

    $4.80 USD

    A tiny pasta shape that resembles little melons. Great with chicken and lamb. Nutrition Facts Serving Size - 1 Bundle (59g) Servings Per Cont. - Approx. 8 Calories - 200...

    Macaroni No 5 - Misko - 17 oz bag

    $3.95 USD

    Misko pasta #5 is prepared for making the traditional Greek "makaronada," or Greek pasta dish that calls for a hearty meat sauce. Misko is made from fine Greek wheat that...

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