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We only offer the natural, off-white flokati rug color. We do not dye or treat our rugs with chemicals. Our flokatis are 100% organic.

Beware of imposters whose flokati base contains polyurethane to save on the cost of wool. The cost savings results in an extremely dangerous fire hazard due to the non-wool backing being flamable. Our genuine wool Flokatis are handmade in Greece and are made entirely of 100% pure wool, which is a natual fire retardant.

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Flokati Size and Price Information

Flokati Rug Weight Size Price Link

2 ft. by 5 ft.$126
3 ft. by 5 ft.$166
4 ft. by 6 ft.$256
5 ft. by 7 ft.$346
6 ft. by 9 ft.$486
7 ft. by 10 ft.$655
8 ft. by 10 ft.$725
9 ft. by 12 ft.$975

2 ft. by 5 ft.$156
3 ft. by 5 ft.$216
4 ft. by 6 ft.$297
5 ft. by 7 ft.$459
6 ft. by 9 ft.$695
7 ft. by 10 ft.$945
8 ft. by 10 ft.$1,095
9 ft. by 12 ft.$1,445

2 ft. by 5 ft.$196
3 ft. by 5 ft.$286
4 ft. by 6 ft.$397
5 ft. by 7 ft.$576
6 ft. by 9 ft.$925
7 ft. by 10 ft.$1,225
8 ft. by 10 ft.$1,395
9 ft. by 12 ft.$1,885

Which Flokati Weight Is Ideal For Your Flokati Rug?

If you will be placing your flokati rug in an area that will be walked on regularly (such as a runner), use a Full (2000 Gram Weight) rug because it is the thinner of the 2 weights and the chances of someone tripping on the rug are less. A Plush (4000 Gram Weight) is ideal for a showcase flokati that does not receive foot traffic. Our Plush (4000 Gram Weight) flokatis are absolutely gorgeous and very fluffy, so if you do not have a budget, go with a Plush rug. If you would like a thick flokati, but are on a budget, choose a Medium (3000 Gram Weight) rug and you will be very satisfied. If you are not satisfied with the thickness of the rug you do end up selecting, you are welcome to exchange for a different thickness.

We Can Make Custom Size And Shape Flokati Rugs! Note that custom orders will take 2-3 weeks to be delivered. Please call us at 800-755-8067 or contact us to request a custom flokati quote.

What is a Flokati?

Flokati is a pure wool rug made in Greece by a unique age-old process. For centuries, Greek rug makers have woven Flokati rugs. They were cherished as family treasures, part of brides' dowries and used as wall-hangings and bed covers as well as rugs. Today, Flokatis are still unique. No other rugs are made the way Flokatis are, and no other rug looks like a Flokati with its deep thick softness. So when you own a Flokati, you not only own a beautiful floor covering, but also a little bit of history.

They begin with pure natural sheep's wool that's spun into yarn, and woven to create long loops. The distinctive Flokati pile is then cut by hand. A unique process follows: Every Flokati is carried to mountain waterfalls where it's washed for hours in deep vats. The swirling stream fluffs the long yarns into luxurious lively softness. This is the original Flokati technique and it's never changed--Science cannot duplicate it. Only the power of a waterfall can produce the special quality of a Flokati.

Greek Flokatis are natural wool. This means your rug will wear long and well. It will keep its rich sheen and softness year after year. Flokatis are as legendary for their strength as for their beauty. Being wool, they not only spring back into shape but are naturally static and flame resistant. Flokatis are a fine investment in lasting loveliness.

Flokatis are a traditional Greek art, but they're as contemporary as today. Whether your home is hi-tech or early American architecture, these rugs add a special warmth and charm. They are truly an affordable luxury that can transform any room.

Flokati Thickness Information

Flokati rugs are measured by their weight in grams of wool per square meter: For example, 4000g/m2. As the weight of the Flokati increases so does thickness and fluffiness of the rug. Thus a 4000g/m2 weight rug is going to be noticably plusher and thicker than a 2000g/m2 weight rug.

We carry three different weights for our flokati rugs: 2000 grams ("Full"), 3000 grams ("Medium") and 4000 grams ("Plush"). As the density of the Flokati rug increases so does the wool length. See below for side views of the 3 Flokati rug sizes.

flokati rugflokati rugflokati rug
Plush (4000 Gram Weight Flokati) Medium (3000 Gram Weight Flokati)Full (2000 Gram Weight Flokati)
flokati rug

Flokati Rug Care

A Flokati Rug can be a purchase that will last a lifetime and can be passed down for generations if cared for properly. See these instructions for how to clean and care for your flokati,

Our Flokati Guarantee:

We are dedicated to satisfying each and every one of our customers. We want you to be happy with your order and our company stands behind every flokati rug we sell. We will be more than happy to address any problem that arises with your flokati rug. If upon receiving your flokati rug you are not satisfied, simply return it within 30 days of purchase with the original receipt in new and unused condition. Please see our Flokati return policy here. We will quickly replace, exchange, repair the rug, or credit your original form of payment. Shipping fees are not refundable and the purchaser is responsible for return postage.

All special and requested custom orders and custom-made flokati rugs to your specific size are non-refundable and non-returnable unless due to our company's workmanship and / or materials. We will do everything possible to make sure you are completely satisfied with your flokati rugs. If you have problems, please contact us.