Greek Olive Oil Soap & Olivia Beauty Products:
Olive Oil Soaps & Lotions

Greek Olive Oil Soap & Olivia Beauty Products

We have hand-selected the finest Greek soap available so you can keep your skin looking and feeling healthy. Browse through our large selection of the finest aromatic Greek soap by Papoutsanis. Take extraordinary care of your skin with our olive oil soap selection from Olivia and Papoutsanis. Pamper your hair and skin with Olivia body lotion, Olivia hand cream and Olivia shampoo.

Did You Know?

The first literary reference to soap as a means of cleansing was by the Greek physician Galen in the second century A.D. Galen recommended washing with Greek soap as a preventative measure for certain diseases, especially diseases of the skin. Olive oil soap originated in Greece on the island of Crete and is now one of the more popular soap types available, especially for sensitive skin.